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Healthy Lifestyle changes are possible! 

Just ask me about mine...

Whether you just want to eat healthier or need to lose weight/inches; Shaklee has the answer with their clinicially proven healthy two phase cleanse and then the second phase on to one of Shaklee's Shaklee 180 kits may be your answer.  Shaklee 180 options include Life Shakes, Meal bars; to yummy snack bars and crunchy chips in between.  Satisfying green and/or pomogranate teas thirst quenchers and natural pick-me-ups.  Recipes, fitness suggestions and great tips to ease you into your new, healthier lifestyle.  Pam's Cell (951) 970-8731 or email at tvaL46@msn.com to find out more and to get started~! 

Remember all Shaklee products are 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.